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AI-Native Test Automation: Creation, Maintenance & Analysis

Harnessing AI across the whole test automation lifecycle

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Validating Every Code Change At:

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Test Automation Is Hard

mobile testing is hard

Skill Gap

Test automation often excludes less-technical team members, confining it to specialist automation engineers.


The creation and maintenance of test scripts are demanding, challenging the pace of modern software development cycles.


Test automation projects often fail to deliver desired outcomes, miss bugs, and end up being ignored.

An End-to-End solution

Harnessing AI Across The Automation Lifecycle

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AI-Driven Test Creation

Loadmill's generative AI transforms user behavior into automated test scripts, enhancing test coverage and accelerating creation.

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AI-Assisted Test Maintenance

Our AI-assisted maintenance dynamically edits and refines test scripts, ensuring they evolve with your rapidly changing software.

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AI-Enabled Test Analysis

Loadmill's AI simplifies test analysis, swiftly identifying failure root causes and potentially related bugs in clear language.

A new approach

API Driven Testing



Testing directly through the API means each test takes seconds instead of minutes



Eliminates the need for expensive hardware emulation and reduce the cost of test maintenance



APIs are built to be stable and backward-compatible so your tests won't break for minor UI changes

How does it work

Loadmill's new approach to testing allows testers to capture user scenarios from mobile, web, and desktop applications to generate the matching test code in minutes.

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The future of testing starts here!