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Deviceless Mobile Testing

Efficiently Automate Your Mobile Testing with Loadmill - No Devices Required. Using AI to analyze application behavior opens new possibilities for mobile testing.

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Validating Every Code Change At:

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Mobile testing is hard

mobile testing is hard


Simulating user interaction usually comes with overhead, mobile applications aren’t built around testing and have near-human latency.


Behavior and UI often change and break tests that rely on specific elements or flows that were changed.


Traditional mobile testing will occupy expensive devices for a long time and will require more resources to maintain and analyze them.

a new approach

API Driven Testing



Testing directly through the API means each test takes seconds instead of minutes



Eliminates the need for expensive hardware emulation and reduce the cost of test maintenance



APIs are built to be stable and backward-compatible so your tests won't break for minor UI changes

How does it work

Loadmill's new approach to testing allows testers to capture a mobile user scenario and generate the matching test code in minutes.

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