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Test with real data

Automatically generate regression tests from real user recordings.

Move fast and keep your team focused on what matters.


Continuous replay

Automate the entire QA process by replaying real user behavior.

Integrate Loadmill into your continuous delivery pipeline and start shipping faster.

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Performance matters

Loadmill is using real traffic from websites around the world
to test your server's performance

Gain insights

Get results fast - launch tests within seconds & detect bottle-necks before production.

Truly distributed - unlimited unique IPs and locations per test.


Meet the internet

Record and replay your own user scenarios at scale.

Test using real traffic from anywhere in the world - target specific countries or go global!

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Using JMeter or GoReplay?

Easily convert your scripts to Loadmill!

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100 test runs per month

60 load tests minutes

50 concurrent users per test

1 recorded application

CI/CD Integration

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what's included

10k+ API test Runs

2500+ load test minutes

8000+ users per test

10+ recorded applications

Unlimited team members

IP Whitelisting

CI/CD Integration

Dedicated Expert Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I have a trial of Loadmill Pro?

Absolutely. Contact us and we can start a trial of Loadmill Pro for you today.

What about testing features that are not in production yet?

In addition for regression testing, you can use the Loadmill recorder to record & replay progression tests in your test environment.

Can I use Loadmill for UI tests?

To keep your tests fast (seconds and not minutes) Loadmill will test your application from the network layer. We can also help you convert some of your End to End tests from Selenium to faster API tests. Contact our support and ask us how.

What do you mean by CI/CD integration?

Use our NPM module to run your tests from command line or any CI platform (Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab, etc.).

How can I record API tests?

Loadmill recordings allow you to capture live traffic in your QA or Production environment and replay it as API tests. You can read more about the different ways to record your application on our docs page.

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