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Our Mission

At Loadmill, we're on a mission to revolutionize software testing using AI. Our low-code API-driven approach simplifies the testing process, allowing less technical employees to create and edit automated test scripts effortlessly. By focusing on the behavior and logic of applications, rather than their visual aspects, we deliver faster execution, stability, and cross-platform compatibility.

Through generative AI, we streamline the test automation lifecycle. Our technology accelerates test creation, assists in test maintenance, and provides clear explanations for failed tests. With Loadmill's end-to-end testing platform, you can achieve greater efficiency and reliability in your software development processes.

Join us in transforming software testing with AI. Experience the power of Loadmill and simplify your testing journey.

Loadmill Team

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We just love working with Dev teams of all sizes, from soonicorns to unicorns to large enterprises. We help these companies to move fast with confident. Grow with us!

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