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Testing the Limits:

Load Testing Made Easy

Simplified, scalable and secured - Empowering Load Testing for seamless performance optimization at any scale.

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Validating Every Code Change At

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Easily simulate large workloads

Simulating user interaction usually comes with overhead, mobile applications aren’t built around testing and have near-human latency.

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Seamlessly adapt to growing demands with Loadmill’s scalable load testing solution, ensuring your software can handle increasing user loads effortlessly.

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Ensure the utmost security of your applications with our robust measures, protecting sensitive data and mitigating risks during load testing.

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Gain clear visibility into your application's performance with intuitive charts, enabling you to analyze and optimize load testing results effectively.

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Easy low-code test editor

Loadmill offers a web-based, collaborative test editor, simplifying test automation with an intuitive low-code interface for seamless teamwork and efficiency.

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Track test coverage and stability

Loadmill's platform monitors every API endpoint scanned, providing a comprehensive dashboard for users to easily identify tested and untested APIs, while detecting and measuring test stability.



The future of testing starts here!