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Fast and Stable Web App Testing

Leverage generative AI for robust API testing, accelerating your QA process while significantly reducing flakiness and increasing coverage.

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Validating Every Code Change At

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Test Generation

Loadmill utilizes generative AI technology to analyze web app behavior, intelligently crafting efficient test scripts for seamless, accurate test automation.

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Test Recorder

Simulate a user flow on your web app and let the AI write the end-to-end API test script for you.

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Easy low-code

test editor

Loadmill offers a web-based, collaborative test editor, simplifying test automation with an intuitive low-code interface for seamless teamwork and efficiency.

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Track test coverage

and stability

Loadmill's platform monitors every API endpoint scanned, providing a comprehensive dashboard for users to easily identify tested and untested APIs, while detecting and measuring test stability.



The future of testing starts here!